Project shipping is to facilitate and assist our clients with any kind of freight requirement.          Our purpose is to handle vessel with fastest possible discharge and loading and deliver cargo in the safest and in the most suitable way possible. Our services is based on trust and reliability, based of years of experience in the freight industry. Our emphasis is to load, unload, accommodate, deliver and transport a wide variety of cargo in time efficient and cost effective manner, and in compliance with highest safety standards and relevant regulations.  
It is our responsibility to give all our clients the best services at all times, we understand the needs and priorities of our clients / principals.
Our equipped, versatile and experienced team focus to deliver uninterrupted, timely service and prompt delivery of cargo while building long-term relationship with our clients and work with full passion and focus on keeping trustworthy and sustainable business relationship.


To cultivate productivity and profitability of our business, whilst growing stronger ties with our principals and clients, in order to become a strong and trustworthy shipping, logistic- and chartering facilitator in our region.
We try our level best to extend our collaboration with our principals, shippers and consignees to lead to the next level of success by accomplishment of their visualization by delivering the project cargo in its optimum form to final destination..